Proteus is a partnership between businesses and UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) to make available global information on biodiversity. Since its beginnings in 2003, Proteus has enabled UNEP-WCMC to compile and make available biodiversity data and developed tools to support businesses make better informed decisions.

The Proteus Partnership has embarked on its next phase from 2013 to 2015. See how you can Join Us.

About Proteus

UNEP-WCMCThe Proteus Partnership is a unique collaboration between major extractives companies and UNEP-WCMC (United Nations Environment Program World Conservation Monitoring Centre), supported by technology partners. It aims to make global information on biodiversity more available through the development and dissemination of global data and tools and the sharing of contextual information on the latest trends and developments in biodiversity and ecosystem policy and initiatives.

The loss of biodiversity and associated degradation of ecosystems has serious consequences for society, including the businesses that depend on, and often impact upon, the range of services that ecosystems provide. With increasing attention at the national and international levels from investors and regulators, licence to operate, access to finance and insurance, and protection of a businesses’ reputation are now intrinsically linked to the management of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Understanding the global policy context, having access to data and the right tools to make decisions and support to interpret and make use of data are priorities for businesses to facilitate the transition from policy to performance.

Proteus focuses on improving the quality and availability of information on biodiversity, which in turn allows Partners to incorporate this data and knowledge into their own biodiversity management processes and environmental practices, with the belief that good decisions are made based on good information.

UNEP-WCMC’s mission is to provide authoritative information about biodiversity and ecosystem services in a manner that is useful to decision-makers who are driving change in environment and development policy. To read more about UNEP-WCMC and what we do click here

2013 marks the start of a new phase of the Proteus Partnership, we welcome back the existing Partners and look forward to inviting new members to join. Proteus Partners support the work of UNEP-WCMC in improving biodiversity information and gain access to essential data and tools to support better decision making.

The objectives of Proteus 2013 – 2015 are:

  1. To improve significantly the accuracy, completeness and currency of information in the World Database on Protected Areas, focusing on data verification, quality assurance and enhancements in interoperability.
  2. To support integrated knowledge products that provide access to information on sites of global importance for biodiversity and increasingly feature sites that are considered national priorities.
  3. To compile globally consistent, comprehensive and validated datasets for important coastal and marine ecosystems, and develop a business-relevant baseline of biodiversity priorities in the marine realm.
  4. To share context and insights into the latest trends and developments in biodiversity and ecosystem policy, initiatives, data and tools of importance to business.

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