Why Proteus?

Support your company to mitigate and manage nature-related risks

Why Proteus?

Biodiversity continues to decline and concerted action over the next decade and beyond is required to halt this trend. Impacting on biodiversity can affect the resiliency of your operations and assets, access to finance and insurance, increase your operating costs, undermine effective delivery of projects, and negatively impact your corporate reputation. 

As societal, investor, government, and industry pressure towards transformative change grows, companies are increasingly expected to: address their dependencies and impacts on biodiversity; set science-based targets for nature; and measure and publicly disclose their biodiversity performance.  

Proteus supports companies to make the transition towards nature-positive. It is well positioned to foster innovation and cross-sectoral collaboration to enable all partners to incorporate biodiversity into their site- and corporate-level decision making. Recognising the need to engage actors from across multiple sectors Proteus seeks to work with companies from the energy & renewables, extractives, infrastructure and land-use sectors.  

Being a Proteus Partner allows companies to be more proactive in their biodiversity management. It gives them the understanding and information they need to identify biodiversity issues at an early screening stage and helps to structure responsible environmental management within the development of operations, throughout the project lifecycle and across value chains. 

It assists them to minimise regulatory and financial risk and to support compliance with international, financial and industry standards, as well as to adhere to internal safeguard policies and address growing pressures to report on environmental performance. This in turn can prevent delays and associated escalating costs.  

Proteus allows companies to understand and manage their global footprint on nature whilst supporting the work of international conservation organisations in the improvement and dissemination of global biodiversity data. 

Joining the Proteus Partnership can give your company the support it needs to:

  • Integrate world leading biodiversity data and analytics into business decisions

  • Improve business competitiveness

  • Increase engagement with global nature policy and peer to peer learning

Through Proteus, Partners are able to:

  1. Access the best available global data on protected areas, threatened species, areas important for biodiversity, and critical marine and coastal ecosystems. 
  2. Use consistent biodiversity datasets and tools to inform corporate environmental policy and subsequent decisions, conduct biodiversity risk profiling, implement key elements of the mitigation hierarchy (including offset site selection), develop biodiversity action plans, adhere to international performance standards and report on global footprint. 
  3. Receive tailored technical assistance and training to help your organisation manipulate and interpret biodiversity data and understand, plan for, and manage potential biodiversity impact. 
  4. Navigate emerging biodiversity and nature topics and build organisational capacity on biodiversity management through training and webinars. 
  5. Gain up-to-date insight and advice on the global biodiversity agenda and its relevance to business. 
  6. Work directly with UNEP’s global Centre of excellence on biodiversity and network with like-minded companies and biodiversity and ecosystem services experts convened through UNEP-WCMC. 
  7. Contribute to the Proteus work programme and help scale good biodiversity practice across multiple sectors and land/ seascapes.