About Proteus

The Proteus Partnership is a forum of the most forward thinking companies across key sectors who partner with UNEP’s specialist biodiversity assessment arm: UNEP-WCMC

About Proteus

Proteus was initiated in 2003 as a unique collaboration to provide companies with the biodiversity information needed for better informed decisions, and to support the development, improvement and dissemination of global biodiversity data and information.

From five founding member companies in 2003, Proteus helped 19 companies with the implementation of their biodiversity strategies over the past 16 years. Each company provides annual funding to a work programme determined jointly with UNEP-WCMC to support biodiversity data and information development. Proteus member companies are guided to:

  1. Global biodiversity data;
  2. Supported in interpretation and analysis of biodiversity information and data;
  3. Assisted with information on biodiversity ecosystem services, and business approaches to biodiversity management;
  4. Kept abreast of global policy developments and opportunities for corporate engagement; and
  5. Included in a forum for discussions with other companies and biodiversity experts.

At the same time, the data that are maintained and improved using corporate funding is added to UNEP-WCMC’s public data holdings and used to support advancements in science and policy for nature.

Proteus is the only global collaboration between the conservation community and business that provides access to global biodiversity data and tools and places these in the context of company biodiversity management practices. An understanding of biodiversity issues – and accurate interpretation of complex datasets and the subject matter they represent – is essential to support company’s processes. The deliverables of the Proteus work programme are tailored to the needs and interests of the member companies.

Goals of Proteus

  • To help companies understand and communicate the business case for nature

  • To accelerate and scale decision support tools and capacity building to help improve corporate performance

  • To strengthen and increase business exposure to the global policy agenda on nature

  • To sustain a viable mutually beneficial Partnership through cross-sectoral collaboration