Proteus Resources

Proteus Resources

The WDPA in numbers: June 2019

Category: WDPA Data Factsheets

Total number of records for national-level areas and protected areas designated under protected regional and international conventions and agreements in the WDPA, June 2019.

WDPA data status report: June 2019

Category: WDPA Data Factsheets

This report describes the status of data in the WDPA for all sites included in the June 2019 monthly release.

2019-Q1: Threat mapping

Category: Technical Community of Practice

The first Technical Community of Practice of 2019 discussed the topic of threat mapping. In this webinar, Brian O'Connor (Programme Officer, UNEP-WCMC) and Joe Gosling (Associate Programme Officer, UNEP-WCMC) cover: 1) an introduction the concept of threat mapping; 2) existing approaches to threat mapping, main considerations of use and knowledge gaps; 3) example applications for Proteus Partners, and 4) the main limitations and considerations for use by Proteus Partners.

If you would like to download and watch this video offline then click here.

Progress on the development of the post-2020 framework

Category: Technical Briefing Notes

Briefing note to update Proteus Partners on the fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) and progress on the development of the post-2020 framework.

Proteus 2018 Update Report

Category: Administration

This report describes the key activities and results of the Proteus Workplan in 2018.

8) Webinar: Key Biodiversity Areas

Category: Global Biodiversity Agenda

In this webinar Leo Murphy (Programme Officer, Business and Biodiversity Programme at UNEP-WCMC) and Katie Leach (Senior Programme Officer, Business and Biodiversity Programme at UNEP-WCMC) cover: 1) the Global Standard for the Identification of Key Biodiversity Areas; 2) the Guidelines on Business and Key Biodiversity Areas: Managing Risk to Biodiversity; 3) the implications for biodiversity management; and 4) how businesses can engage with Key Biodiversity Areas.

The presentation slides (PDF) for the webinar can be downloaded below. In addition, the accompanying video can be downloaded here or watched below.

To skip the webinar introduction, and directly launch into the presentation, scroll to minute 04:56.

Key Biodiversity Areas

Category: Technical Briefing Notes

This briefing note outlines the Global Standard for Key Biodiversity Areas and the guidelines for business operating within them.

2018 Q4: Proteus Quarterly Update

Category: Administration

Marine Migratory Species

Category: Technical Briefing Notes

Technical briefing note outlining the importance of understadning the migratory routes of marine species for managing extractive sector impacts on biodiversity.

UN Biodiversity Conference: Implications for Extractives

Category: Technical Briefing Notes

Briefing note to update Proteus partners on the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP14) which took place in Sharm el Sheikh, Eygpt from the 17th to the 29th November 2018

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